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EMERYVILLE, CA, July 9, 2002 — Biotique Systems, Inc. today announced that Bristol-Myers Squibb Company, Berlex Biosciences, Inc., and a biochip manufacturer are among the initial customers for the Biotique Local Integration System (BLIS) and extension products. BLIS is a data integration, analysis and visualization platform that enables pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to expedite target discovery and refinement using the human genome as a reference template.

"BLIS allows any biologist working in drug discovery at Bristol-Myers Squibb Company to visualize our proprietary annotations to human genomic data," said Dr. Dan Davison, associate director of bioinformatics, applied genomics, Bristol-Myers Squibb Company. "We wanted to implement public genomic data and genome browsers in-house, but this system eliminates the need for us to manage and update this data by providing a commercially supported platform for the integration of our proprietary data with the public data. As a result we can visualize much more genomic information than we could before."

"Our objective is to ensure the immediate accessibility of our data to researchers," said Dr. Hugh Salamon, scientific manager of the computational biology department at Berlex Biosciences. "Our priority is working at a very practical level to analyze and visualize our data in a genomic context. BLIS allows us to integrate data from many sources into a genomic context for both analysis and viewing," he said. Berlex originally licensed the BLIS system in October 2001, and has recently enhanced its investment in the BLIS platform by licensing Biotique's comparative genomics extension product for model organism genome analysis and biochip design.

"BLIS is ideal for organizations that have large amounts of proprietary target data and need a way to organize, analyze and share this knowledge," said Stephen Sanders, chairman and chief executive officer, Biotique Systems. "We are delighted that major pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies are already recognizing the value in our system."

In addition to Bristol-Myers Squibb and Berlex Biosciences, an undisclosed biochip manufacturer has also licensed the BLIS system and Biotique's services to enhance its chip design process.

BLIS runs on Unix and Linux platforms. Extensive optimization has been done for the IBM eServer xSeries system - the most powerful thin server in the industry. Biotique Systems became an IBM Business Partner in March, 2002.

Biotique Systems, Inc. was founded in 2001 to solve critical issues in the life sciences. The Company provides decision support tools and services for the emerging field of pharmacogenomics. Biotique's pharmaceutical and biotechnology customers have adopted the Company's solutions to integrate their proprietary, third-party and public data sources, optimize biochip designs and other assays, and perform comparative genomic analysis. As a result, Biotique is enabling the next generation of genomic discovery.

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