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SAM - Scheduled Activity Manager

Pharmaceutical and crop science organizations use a number of workflows and data pipelines 24 hours a day in order to remain competitive. The Scheduled Activity Manager (SAM) provides an interface to manage regularly occurring tasks (activities). Examples of tasks that can be scheduled with SAM are nightly downloads and integration of public sequence databases like GenBank, data maintenance functions such as taxonomy table updates, and automated runs and analysis of sequencing pipelines such as the Illumina Genome Analyzer Pipeline ™.

Screen Shots

TITAN Scheduled Activity Manager (SAM) sequencer runs console tracks status and provides access to logs and run QA in a single view.
The HTML bt_samlist page is the main dashboard for controlling scheduled activities. The page consists of controls, filters, and a table of activities which provides a summary for the status and control of all activities where each activity is in one and only one row.
Illumina Run QA stored in database as long as desired even when erased to sequencer computer disk.