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Reno, NV, January 2, 2006 – Biotique Systems today announced the general release of its Fusion System, which provides a comprehensive and annotated view of genes, transcript isoforms, and protein variants. Fusion can be used as a stand-alone application or can be deployed as a module to the Biotique Local Integration System (BLIS), which provides genomic integration, sequence repository, security, advanced viewing, and query interfaces across a distributed organization. Previously, Fusion had only been available to select customers via a paid early access program.

About Biotique Fusion
Life science organizations are using Fusion to enable diagnostic, nutritional, and therapeutic development. Targets are key to drug mechanism of action and are directly measured with molecular diagnostics. The majority of target diversity is the result of alternative splicing and other phenomena that give one gene multiple products. Hence, the ability to identity, use, and protect these multiple products is essential for biological science and business. In support of this, the Biotique Fusion tool provides a single, comprehensive, and annotated view of genes, transcripts (including alternative splice variants), and protein variants. Fusion classifies and extends known forms of targets and discovers high-quality, novel isoforms previously unknown but “hidden” in he complexity of public and proprietary databases.

Fusion can be accessed as a data set built from public data and can also be run locally as a tool. When run locally, Fusion can augment public genomic, EST, and gene data with proprietary genomes and non-public EST and sequence data sources. The result is a single view of genes and multiple gene products (transcripts and proteins) annotated and classified as known or novel.

Biotique Fusion is immediately available and is easy to install and use. It can be working with your proprietary data in hours. Furthermore, licensing terms can be extraordinarily simple. Since it is a tool that can be easily run and used locally there need be no “reach through” license on intellectual property or discoveries. If you think that Fusion may be of use to your organization, contact Biotique for more information and a demonstration.

About Biotique Systems
Biotique Systems is a privately held company that helps scientists in pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies more effectively and efficiently analyze biological data to advance life science research. Biotique Systems provides its innovative pharmacoinformatic software and services to a number of the world's most successful biopharmaceutical companies, including Merck, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Monsanto and Affymetrix. These and other customers are using Biotique's solutions to integrate information from discovery programs across disparate research disciplines and geographic locations to facilitate knowledge sharing and organizational productivity.

Biotique is enabling the next generation of pharmaceutical discovery and development. For more information about Biotique Systems, call 775-787-9900, or e-mail, or visit

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