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Reno, NV, March 18th, 2009 – Biotique Systems announced today that it has licensed XRAY Excel Array Analysis software to Baylor College of Medicine.  XRAY provides easy to follow wizards and workflows for expression analysis of Affymetrix Microarrays.


About Biotique XRAY:
-Is a fast, accurate, and powerful Microsoft® Excel® 'add-in' that performs normalization and analysis on thousands of arrays even on a modest laptop computer.

-Provides easy to follow analysis because the familiar Microsoft® Excel® interface means that the software can be effectively used immeiately without specialized training.

-Finds differential gene expression and alternative splicing with exon, gene, and 3' expression arrays.
-Identifies potential binding regions with Affymetrix tiling arrays.
-Self documents results and methods with an auto-generated Word document.

-XRAY provides rigorous statistical analysis, acconting any number of batch effects and has been validated with independent statistical packages.


About Biotique Systems, Inc.
Biotique Systems is a privately held company that helps pharmaceutical, agriculture and biotechnology companies increase productivity by providing customizable, enterprise-wide solutions for integrating, analyzing and sharing knowledge assets. By bringing together people, projects, disparate data sources and workflow applications Biotique Systems is helping leading companies such as Bayer-Schering Pharma, Monsanto and Affymetrix integrate information from discovery programs across disparate research disciplines and geographic locations to facilitate innovation and discovery. Biotique is enabling the next generation of pharmaceutical, agricultural, and biotechnology discovery and development. For more information about Biotique Systems, call 775-787-9900, e-mail, or visit


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